Cross-posting from WordPress to Facebook.

To cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook’s Wall, they are many solutions to do. “Wordbooker Plugins” is one of them that I will show you how to use install it this, even though I cannot use it for my website. I cannot enable PHP.INI configuration of “allow_url_fopen” to be “on” because I’ve used “SHARE-HOSTING” (so sad). By the way, I will guide you to use this Plugin.

First, please go to Wordbooker Plugin page: You will see Description tab and short description, for more understanding, please read that short description. Click on Installation tab on the right-hand side of Description tab to see instructions. To download Plugin click orange button on the right side. Follow easy instructions as step by step then your blog will be ready to cross-post your blog to show your Facebook fan.

*Note: you server side should be enabled “allow_url_fopen” / “on”

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