TOT 3G Thailand’s working area Test #3

TOT-3GYesterday, I had to go to Chok Chai 4 around soi 31 for seeing some friend of mine who has used Mac. Actually I went for testing how it’s good if I use for my jobs. During I was going to there I tried to use 3G connection of one network name “TOT3G”, started from Rama VII to there (Lad Prao -Chok Chai 4; Google map if you need to know where is in Bangkok, Thailand). The quality is quite good, I tested it by chatting, Google map (with GPS), Google Latitude on my Nokia N97 mini in rain falling. I told my friend to see my location on Latitude and of cause she can see my point.

At last I was the place of her, at there, I missed my aim trying to test Mac, but I do told her how to find Internet connection, because for her, it’s not easy to find it at the place she works. I was looking for some free wifi connection and found useful network name “Green Bangkok Wi-fi” – GBW by True move then I registered one 64k account for her (next time I will write about how to create free “GBW” account.

What I tested are the quality of using 3G there. Those are Qik (online streaming from your smart phones such as Symbian, Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc. you can see samples on my website “” sometime whenever I’m going to someplace and test it or you call me to see testing I will do it right away), next fring Video call, not just Video call for this testing I used my N97 mini to be Wi-Fi hotspot by JoikuSpot app to be shared Wi-Fi signal to Nokia 5800 Express Music device to use Fring app too. It works!!, we can talk over fring video call event though the quality is quite poor but enough to be used.

3G in Thailand is working many areas around you, please find one good network that fit for you to use it and I’m sure in soon Thai people can use it around the country. One thing in my opinion, please give useful information for every skill levels of people what are the benefits they should have when it “ALIVE!”.

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